早期幼児教育資格者 Early Childhood Education

One of the pillars of our program is helping our students to become world citizens, children who are fluent not just in communication, but can adapt and be comfortable anywhere in the world regardless of culture or customs. Because of this we find it essential to fill the school with a team of educators who can provide a multicultural experience for our students. Our diverse staff comes from The USA, The UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Thailand, The Philippines, and a great many more countries!

DISの考えるインターナショナルスクールとは、単に英語で教える幼稚園ではありません。 世界の様々な文化、価値観、を身につけ世界のどこにいっても、社会性、順応性を持ってコミュニケーションを取れるWorld Citizenに育てるスクールであります。 DISではその考えのもと、アメリカ人、イギリス人、カナダ人、オーストラリア人、フランス人、ドイツ人、メキシコ人、タイ 人、フィリピン人、日本人のTeachersにて世界中の文化を学べる本物の環境を整えております。

早期幼児教育資格者 Early Childhood Education

Qualified and Dedicated Head teachers are with experience teaching at preschools both overseas and in Japan. As a child’s education is the most important experience of their life they should be supported by only the best and most committed teachers.

DISのHead Teachersたちは教育に関わる資格保持者で、日本国内外のインターナショナルスクールなどにて経験豊富なエキスパート勢です。人生の一番重要な時期の教育を担うものとして、子ども1人1人の性格、日々の成長を理解しそれぞれの過程にあわせたプログラムを日々生み出します。


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Being an educator, artist, musician, and father everyday I wake up extremely excited to be spending my time in an environment that allows me to combine all of my interests and skills together so fluidly. It never ceases to amaze me when I see all of the wonderful, creative, and unique experience children have here at DIS! Every day I am reminded of the opportunities an excellent Reggio influenced program can provide young children.
I feel extremely fortunate that I get to travel to our facilities with my daughter and watch her develop and grow under the DIS approach. I am filled with not only pride in her accomplishments here, but pride in the wonderful program we have here at DIS!


Aloha! Previously, I’ve taught at schools in Hawaii for many years. One of the great things about now working at DIS is that it affords me the opportunity to focus on two topics I am very passionate about: culture and language!
There is an oft quoted phrase, “To speak two languages is to have two souls.” Imagine beginning your journey through life knowing how to look at the world through more than one mindset. To see the world with more introspection, more empathy, and more understanding. By placing an emphasis on your child’s language development and learning in a global setting early on, you are giving them something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives: a deeper and more expansive understanding of their world and themselves. I will leave you with a saying we have in Hawaii. I ka noho pu ana a ʻike I ke Aloha. It is only living with another that one knows the meaning of Aloha.


Hi! I'm Jacquie. Learning with kids is an absolute passion of mine. I am so excited to be here with you and your child. It's going to be a great opportunity for me to keep on learning and having adventures at school and outside.
I am from Tanzania, a country of the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the amazing Serengeti National Park. I moved here with my parents whom both worked for the Tanzanian Embassy here in Tokyo. I have lived in Japan for over 23 years. I went to University here and later on to the U.S.A. I spend most of my holidays traveling around Europe, Asia and Africa. I am interested in Museums, Philanthropy, Pottery, Social work, and Reading. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss is “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
This year, 2020, will be my 20th year teaching preschool and Kindergarten! I am looking forward to inspiring your children and really having a great and memorable time together. I hope with my help and your support students can develop a desire to become life long learners.


"Bonjour les enfants!" or "Hello children!" in French. I am Franck, a teacher at DIS. I was born and raised in France and came to Japan in 2001.
I am very happy and proud to be at DIS in order to share with the children what i love most : Music. I have played bass and percussion since i was 14 in different bands and now I compose electronic music for various projects such as documentaries, theater, exhibitions. It appears to me that music is a perfect activity for children : It's fun to listen to it ( learning songs is an excellent exercise for memory and singing them is perfect for concentration ) and, of course, fun to dance to !!!! It is also great fun to make and play music as well: Teaching how to play drums and percussion at school gives chances to the children to improve their motor skills and their hearing capacities. "Oh ! time for my drumming practice!!!! I'll see you soon at DIS. for some musical fun!!!"


Greetings everybody! My name is Haru Eileen Iwanami and I will be the head teacher for the Sprout class!
I was born and raised in Ireland and have had the opportunity to live in Italy, America, and Japan. Since graduating from Boston University, I have been teaching at international schools for over 7 years in Tokyo! I have always had an enormous passion for early childhood education ever since I was a teenager in high school. The highlights of my days at school are when I see a toddler’s eyes light up when they learn/try something new. Teaching challenges me to be more creative, patient, and compassionate each day. My hobbies include fashion, art, sports, music, socializing, and cooking. I look forward to meeting everyone at DIS and I will strive to give your child the best education/experience possible!


Hi everyone. I'm a teacher for the Sprouts class at DIS. I was born in Tokyo but lived half of my life in the States.
I fell in love with teaching ever since I studied Early Childhood Education & Special Education in college. I have been fortunate enough to apply my knowledge and experience with the children in the international community here in Japan.
I hope to help your child become happy global citizens, and at the same time learn to become a better mother and teacher for my daughter. I look forward to getting to know you and your child here at DIS!


Hello, hello! I’m Jessica and I’m from Portland, Oregon. Although I grew up in Portland, I spent a lot of time traveling with my family since I was a baby. I love visiting new countries and learning about new cultures. During university I studied psychology which inspired me to want to work with children, especially children growing up in bilingual environments as I, too, grew up learning Hindi and English. During high school and college I also studied French and Japanese. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you during your time at DIS!


Hey everyone My name is Kim and I was born in the Philippines but moved to Japan when I was 10 years old.
Since I was a kid I have been very active and into things that require moving such as dancing, playing sports, and singing. I used to teach gymnastics, dancing, singing, and sports from toddlers to elementary kids for nearly 5 years. Hopefully I get to inspire kids here at DIS through these activities and find something that they would possibly want to pursue in the future. I believe that being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs because teachers have the opportunity to guide and influence kids and they will remember and carry it with them for the rest of their lives. I feel very privileged to be a part of DIS with such amazing program and to able to work with such hard working teachers and amazing kids at DIS


G’day! My name is Ainna and I am originally from Sydney, Australia.
Before moving to Tokyo, I was living in London for 4 years where I was able to further develop my teaching experience, whilst also delving into my love and obsession for travel. From hearing the cracking of glaciers in Iceland; to watching the sunrise over the Himalayas in Nepal; and eating delicious tagine in Morocco, I am drawn to awe-inspiring landscapes and cultures that are rich in history and cuisine. When I am not on a plane, I also enjoy photography, drama and going on hikes.
Having 7 years of experience teaching a range of year groups in Australia and the UK, I’m very excited for the opportunity to be immersed in Japanese culture and to teach early learners in an enriching environment at DIS.


Hello my name is Yuko.
I was born in Tokyo and spent my childhood in Connecticut. My childhood dream was to become a kindergarten teacher. The dream led me study early childhood education in both Japan and the United States. I learned how important it is for kids to learn through experience and how they gain international perspective when I taught in the Japanese-English Bilingual preschool in New York. Therefore, ever since I started teaching in international schools in Tokyo, I have been motivated to create an exciting environment, and to support little explorers to foster their nature curiosity, and of course to see their bright smiles everyday.
I like sports especially water activities, travels and exploring new places. I am very happy to be a part of the DIS family and look forward to having fun together!


Hi, everyone. My name is Mayvelle.
Born and raised in the Philippines. I am a nurse by profession, teacher at heart. I am a person who loves spending most of her time with her family. I love doing things with them like swimming, hiking, gardening, roaming around the city, etc. Being with my family, especially the younger generations (my nieces and nephews) made me fell in love with kids. Spending time with them helped me better understand the different developmental stages that they go through in life. I enjoyed learning, building and creating new things. Listening to music, and dancing lightens up my mood. At a young age, I was exposed to teaching profession since my mother is a teacher. She influences me a lot in providing a fun learning environment for the kids where they can explore, develop and discover their own potentials, abilities and capabilities. I believe that learning new things are fun, but, when you're having fun, you learn more. Looking forward to meet you all at DIS!


Sawasdee ka! I'm Bo from the land of smile, Thailand.
I'd been teaching at international schools in Bangkok for 8 years in total. I am a D.I.Y person, a bookworm, a baker, a gardener, art museum explorer, an origami lover and a mother of a male spotted dog. The smell of wet soil & herb are the best medicine to heal my body and soul so i turn the tiny space at my apartment's balcony to a little herb garden, my sacred space. Analogue photography is also what I passionate about. I take my buddy (a compact film camera) everywhere I go so if you walk along the street and then spot a suspicious lady shooting a rock, a manhole cover, a tree, a dog, an electronic pole or even a trash! That person could be me!! For me, the real joys of being a teacher is to see their sparkle eyes and shiny smile when they eager to share their story and let me be a part of it.


Hello everyone! I'm Andra, I was born in Romania and I did my Higher education studies in England.
I have always had a great interest in the Japanese culture and language which eventually brought me here. I have also been passionate about teaching and I got my teaching certifications as soon as I finished my university studies since I was sure it was a career I wished to pursue further. I believe that despite all hurdles teaching children poses, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences and there is never a stopping point for improvement. DIS challenges teaching through its innovative and revolutionary teaching methodology and I'm really excited to help facilitate that to all the students walking through the DIS doors. Looking forward to meet you all soon!


Hi everyone! I'm Yuki. I was born and raised in Japan.
I studied Early Childhood Education in the States. I have 7 years of experience working in this field in the United States, and this year will be my 5th year teaching at international schools in Tokyo. I love to let children explore and experience the world around them to build a foundation for life long learning! I strongly believe that each child is special in their own way, and will follow each child's interests and support them to shine in various ways. I hope to support your children to learn in a global society and become happy and confident for their bright future! I am so excited to get to know you and have full of adventures and discoveries with you all at DIS!’


Hello everybody! My name is Robert and I’m from the United States of America.
To be more precise, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I’m Japanese-American and I know what it’s like to be brought up in an international environment. I’m hoping I can help your children into becoming outstanding world citizens. One thing to know about me is that my favorite sport in the whole world is hockey. I played ice hockey since I was 5 years old. It’s a bit funny playing ice hockey in a hot and dry state. For the last few years, I’ve been playing inline hockey as a hobby in Japan. Inline hockey is a very minor sport in Japan, but it’s similar to ice hockey and we use rollerblades instead of ice skates. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


We are always looking for experienced, professional, and creative teachers to join our team!

We put an emphasis on our individual teachers in our teaching team and look for teachers who exemplify the same skillset of which we teach our students through the DIS approach.

If you have the skills to thrive in a team-based setting and place a high emphasis on teaching standards and educational quality we would would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact us.