We offer a flexible weekly program with attendance
choices of 3 – 5 days a week.

Full Day  9:00 ~ 15:00
Full Day with Extension Care  9:00 ~ 17:00

We can accept the extension care till 18:00. (Extra Charge)



全日  6時間/日(9:00〜15:00)


Price List / 料金表はこちら

  • SPROUT Program

    Our Sprout program has a thematic curriculum focusing on topics that facilitate an interest in learning.
    Through a curriculum which is based on daily projects, the children are allowed to explore their interests, reward their curiosity, and further their own development.
    Children in the Sprout program are constantly exploring a variety of materials, textures, colors, sounds, and sensory experiences. The goal of the program is to provide the children with the opportunity to make new discoveries every day.


  • MAPLE Program

    In the Maple class the children are introduced to more thematic learning and projects can develop to last for a week or often even an entire theme. In the Maple program we begin to introduce the children to the country based studies which form the core of the curriculum for our Oak program. By pairing child interest based daily studies with exciting thematic projects, our Maple children are allowed to develop a greater understanding of each month’s theme. The Maple program is supplemented by exciting lessons in music, sports, and gardening. The goal of the Maple program is to allow the children to develop a love for learning through more in depth explorations.


  • OAK Program

    Our Oak program focuses entirely on international thematic discovery. The Oaks are engaged in child-led explorations of a new country each month. During each theme the children are allowed to follow their interests in a wide range of topics including creative studies, dance, music, science, geography, and cooking. In addition to this, the children’s learning is supported by additional programs such as curated art gallery trips and ongoing farming experiences. The goal of the Oak program is for the children is to become confident problem solvers who will carry their love of learning with them wherever they go in life.


After School 3歳ー8歳[3Years to 8 Years Old]

Our After School program is a complete afternoon kindergarten program based around building children’s English skills in an exciting environment. The class offers a shortened version of our regular program which includes daily multi-level English and phonics lessons. The English program is balanced out with daily projects including science, art, music, cooking, dance, and drama. The daily projects use the themes and vocabulary taught in our English lessons, allowing the children a chance to use their new language and develop a joy for speaking English.



Parents & Child 親子参加クラス12ヶ月ー3歳[12 months to 3 years]

Our Pre-Preschool program is designed to both prepare children for the fun and exciting world of preschool and make that first separation much easier.



The DIS Graduate’s Club

The mission of the DIS Graduate’s Club is to create a space for our graduates to continue being a part of the community they created with their peers at DIS. We would like to offer as many opportunities for our graduates to be comfortable expressing themselves and showing the natural personalities they developed growing up at DIS. We believe there is no better way to do this then by interacting with the friends and teachers they grew up with.
We hope our graduates grow into a diverse and thriving community where they continue to organize events and learning opportunities even outside of the class. The club serves as a starting point for our graduates to feel motivated to create their own projects together, stay involved in the DIS community, and even mentor our younger graduates. Our goal is for this to continue not only through elementary school, but for the rest of their lives

DIS Graduate’s ClubはDISの生徒達が仲間と作り上げたコミュニティを卒業後も継続できる場を提供するために生まれました。私たちは卒業生がDIS在学中に培った自分を表現する力、また自分らしさ、個性を発揮できる場を卒業後も与えるべきとた考えます。そのためには一緒に学んできた友達、先生達との交流が最適と考えます。



Kids On Air 放課後に新しい学びのカタチを。小学生のためのインターナショナル教育。

As a sister school of Daizawa International School, Kids On Air offers after school programs for children in elementary schools. As such, KOA is influenced by the same Reggio Emilia approach that marks the educational style of DIS.

After DIS, children go on to not only international schools but also to public and private Japanese elementary schools. There are as many paths beyond DIS as there are children. Whatever path they choose to take, DIS graduates should have a place where they can continue to grow as world citizens. That was the thinking behind the founding of Kids On Air in Tomigaya, Shibuya, Tokyo.

At KOA, teaching is conducted entirely in English. Children from Japanese schools and international schools learn about the world through thematic projects to become better world citizens.

Saturday School at KOA offers a homestay-style learning environment that the regular weekday programs cannot.

DISのシスタースクールとして、“Kids On Air”という小学生向けのアフタースクールがあります。小学校入学後も、DISのレッジョ・エミリアアプローチと連携したインターナショナル教育を受けることができます。

小学校へ進み、学ぶ環境が異なる中でも、DIS時に習得した“World Citizen”としての魅力を、高めて行って欲しい。そんな想いから、小学生向けのアフタースクールを“Kids On Air(キッズ・オン・エア)”を、富ヶ谷に設立致しました。

現在、インターナショナルスクール、日本の小学校の子供達が英語の環境下で、World Citizenとして、”学校では教わらない世界の文化体験”をテーマにした様々なプロジェクトに取組んでおります。

Kids On Airでは、Saturday Schoolを開校し、平日のアフタースクールの限られた時間だけではなく、週末のホームステイスタイルで学べる環境も整えております。